The big city meets the great outdoors

Living in Québec City

The big city meets the great outdoors

Québec City sits proudly between the mountains and the St. Lawrence River, where the energy of the city meets the tranquility of the boreal forest.

Full of opportunities

Studying in Québec City means living the Canadian experience in a vibrant Francophone city powered by a dynamic and resilient economy. The opportunities to find a student job or work in your field are many and varied.

Québec City also boasts an enviable cost of living compared to other major cities of its size in North America and some of the most affordable tuition fees in Canada and across North America.

You’ll choose from over 700 higher education and recognized diploma programs, taught by skilled professors in modern facilities, with teaching methods that centre on learning and experience.

Québec Ville Études also counts on employment partners with whom you can work during or after your studies, or who can support you in your path :

Quebec City is full of opportunities
Pleasure of living

Pleasure of living

Life in Québec City is characterized by a certain joie de vivre opportunities abound to enjoy life’s little pleasures, from fine food and drink to a dynamic social scene and vibrant festivals. The city’s many restaurants showcase a wide variety of local and international cuisines, while lively main streets in each neighbourhood boast cafés, pubs and charming boutiques, perfect for a Sunday stroll. And all year long, the city is alive with festivals and concerts offering something for everyone. 

Urban and nature

Nature at your fingertips

Living in Québec City also means easy access to the great outdoors. It's the perfect place for anyone who loves to get in touch with nature while still enjoying the amenities of an urban centre. With over 400 parks and green spaces, numerous bodies of water, ski centres, outdoor activity centres and provincial parks all within reach of downtown, adventure is never far away, at any time of the year! 

Nature at your fingertips

Québec City is home to an impressive array of sports and cultural facilities, including free recreational and athletic activities, skating rinks, pools, soccer fields and much more.


Québec City is also home to a UNESCO world heritage site, the Historic District of Old Québec, and boasts a vibrant cultural scene, with numerous theatres, museums and concert halls showcasing internationally renowned talent. Its many festivals liven up every season of the year, from the Festival d'été in summr to the Carnaval each winter. 

Downhill skiing

Multicultural and respectful

Québec City welcomes thousands of international students to its diverse and multicultural community every year.

Respect and integration

Safe and peaceful


Living and studying in Québec City means feeling safe everywhere you go, at any time of the day or night. You can hop on a bus, stroll through a park and simply enjoy your surroundings. You can rest easy in a city where health and safety are high priorities, as demonstrated by one of the lowest crime rates in North America at under 5%.