Study in Québec City.
Dare to excel.

Why choose Québec City?

When you choose to study in Québec City you’ll experience Canada in a Francophone environment with a vibrant and resilient economy and plenty of opportunities to find a student job in your field of study.

Discover even more reasons to love Québec City as much as we do!

Québec’s education system

It may be a little tricky to navigate diploma equivalence and education systems between countries. Here’s a short, helpful guide.

College studies

At least four CEGEPSs and two private colleges in Québec City offer college-level education.

University studies

There are four universities in Québec City that offer various programs and specializations. You choose!

A good balance between city and nature.

Québec City stands proud between the mountains and the St. Lawrence River, blending the hustle and bustle of city life with the serenity of the boreal forest.

Québec Ville Études is a network of 10 higher education institutions in an effort to promote student mobility to Québec City, Canada.

With your diploma or certificate in hand, you’ll take on new challenges and become an even bigger part of globalization. We sincerely hope that Québec City will forever be a positive point of reference for you along a memorable academic path.

We’re aware that what inspires you is part of a life-long project and that your stay with us will impact who you are and give you the chance to make friends here in Québec City, as well as in Quebec, within Canada, and from abroad.

Desjardins, partner of Québec Ville Études

With seven million members and clients, Desjardins is a world-renowned financial services cooperative and the largest Canadian financial institution in Québec.

It has close to 700 ATMs and roughly 900 points of service across the country. Desjardins is here to support you and help you settle in.

I want to study in Québec City!

First, take some time to explore the 700 or so programs offered in Québec City and remotely. You’ll then be able to choose the program(s) and the higher education level that best suit your interests and academic path.